Your stars for the week 20th – 27th May 2016

Your stars for the week 20th – 27th May 2016

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

You love life in the fast lane but for quite a while now, many obstacles to successful progress have made you brake or halt. Ask relatives to help smooth your pathway.

Life is relaxed for you with people co operating, and spare time full of new adventures to help keep you revitalised.Spend quality time with loved ones to keep you sweet and nurtured.

A new impulse to greater independence makes you explore your creative talents. Sweet dreams can often provide a welcome source of ideas for you to capitalise upon.

You could be feeling a need to spend time on your own for a while but do stay in touch with groups and social events if you are looking for romance to revive your spirits.

The work sphere is very enjoyable for you with new partnerships or business opportunities to help you stay busy and amazingly prosperous.

Travel can help you feel life is worthwhile, and does help you overcome worrying spectres from the past.Take up new hobbies and pastimes to feel refreshed and more in control.

Luckily any changes taking place work out in your favour, and you can easily sweet talk your way out of any tricky situations that arise from them. Don’t worry and stay happy.

Relationships are something you work hard at, and currently they seem to be working more smoothly and in your favour. Be more positive in how you communicate to stay on top.

A few power struggles could develop and working with supervisors or managers needs careful handling. Avoid overstating your achievements to escape reprimand later.

You’re secretly working hard to make your plans work, but do exchange ideas with loved ones and younger people as they might have valuable insights to help you succeed.

You are one of life’s groupies and excel when working with teams. Currently this could bring benefits career wise that help you gain status and recognition for your talents.

Vitality should be good providing you with the energy and motivation to make changes to some of your ambitions. A creative streak helps you win over an admirer.