Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th April

Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th April

The lunar eclipse affects your relationship and partnership areas on 4th so take extra care in now you respond to others. A special birthday gift helps you feel uplifted.

You look and feel good and are searching for someone to see how much you love and care for them. Avoid confrontation, use diplomacy and sweet talk instead.

Gemini’s are either engaging in super secret service work or walking on the wild side in some exotic land. Watch out for spies and CCTV Gemini!

Some major decision required about whether to crawl out of your shell or carry it to another part of the beach to party in. Rough tides and turmoil create stormy waves.

Romance and young people have to take a back seat along with fun engagements. Career takes up most of your energy now but the rewards for efforts will be huge.

Take a vow of silence or face the consequences if you speak out of turn. You have all the right answers for you but maybe others have different lessons to learn.

Some major impacts on your life and times could send you reeling with amazement. The unexpected arrives but some of it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

You are juggling people like balls in the air so try not to drop any because you could end up having to pay compensation for damages later.

You may need to fiddle or juggle accounts to rob Peter and pay Paul as Jupiter and Saturn leave indents on major areas of life. You need to reset the moral compass.

The eclipse could impact upon your career and status so be prepared to grip the rungs of the ladder more tightly or let them go to retain more sanity in your life.

A busy time for those in the techie or communication industry with electrical faults causing delays for you.Is it time to find new outlets for your talents?

You seem to be swimming around as you decide whether to remain a large fish in a small bowl or make a big dash for the ocean at large. Avoid loan sharks Pisces.