Your stars for the week 21st – 18th August

Your stars for the week 21st – 18th August

Love and leisure take on a lively look with many meanderings down memory lane reminding you of the wax and wane of romantic liaisons.

You seem torn between catching up with awkward home maintenance and repairs and organising spare time activities to spice up social affairs.

Your creative streak helps you seize opportunities others would miss but you do need to be more organised or risk being called a hopeless dreamer.

Relatives seem to be featuring a lot in your life this year and can be difficult to handle but they do appreciate your efforts and attention.

You are winning the charm offensive and with Lady Luck on your side you will find it easy to complete any task you undertake and achieve miracles.

A great time for a getaway, holiday abroad or just dreaming about distant shores, hopes and darkest desires. Exchange rules and regimes for spontaneity.

Loved ones see their talents rewarded and expect you to join them at awards ceremonies where you can bathe in the after glow of their success.

A new job opportunity or spare time pursuit will be exciting and on offer. Get ready to mix with the best in town to leave a special impression for future mining.

Working with friends or partners helps you realise how much more can be achieved than working on your own. Working for charities bring dividends.

You need to work harder at expressing thoughts and feelings or you could find a love affair hits the rocks. Don’t forget to ask a loved one what changes they are seeking.

True love never runs smoothly but are you being cool and remote, expecting too much from those looking for a deeper intimacy than perhaps you can give?

Working for the benefit of others comes easily to your kind and caring nature but the real task is to use wisdom in ways you deliver a compassionate response..