Support for families caring for older relatives

Support for families caring for older relatives

Caring for an older relative can be difficult and is often stressful. Sometimes there is an acute crisis to deal with; at other times, it might be more about dealing with loneliness or bereavement and at others, it might be helping them with financial or legal matters. Whatever the issue, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to get the right advice; which is where can help. provides the UK’s most comprehensive source of advice and information, as well as relevant products and services to help you do your very best for your older loved ones. It also advises you on how to cope. understands the stresses of juggling a job and family with elderly care and the fact that families often live many miles from each other.

Their factsheet on caring from a distance, for example, is practical and highly informative. One of the other areas in which they provide sound advice is that of planning ahead for your older relatives, so that crises, when they inevitably arise, can be dealt with more easily.

When you do need to organise care, the site has unbiased, detailed advice,  not only on all the care options, but on how to make informed, sensible choices and to ensure that home carers and care homes alike are properly interviewed and vetted. They also have a phone line to call for more detailed advice and have a service to help you manage the carer’s tax.

Medical information is also provided. Advice on regular must-have check-ups, and the benefits of alternative therapies are all discussed, as well as a wide range of articles on nutrition and exercise. provides specialist advice on key legal issues, such why power of attorney is so important and how it is currently changing. Importantly, the site addresses the thornier issues of paying for care and discusses the various options available to you, as well as advising on which benefits you might be entitled to for home adaptation and medical care.

Digital inclusion is another critical issue for, who believe passionately in the advantages of getting older people online, so that they can enjoy the benefits of the internet for email, Skype, shopping and entertainment, as well as for further learning to keep the mind active. They recognise that many older people are nervous of computers, but provide many helpful articles on how to encourage them to get online, as well as offering an at home computer training service. They also host debates on the best tablets, computers and laptops for older people.

Finally, has a vibrant forum, which allows families and older people the chance to share problems and offer advice. Often, you can feel very alone when caring for an older relative, but the forum makes you realise how many others are going through similar experiences.

Using the website is completely free, but if you register, you will receive’s practical support pack and their highly informative fortnightly newsletters. Register HERE for your chance to win an Amazon Kindle.