You stars for the week 16th – 23rd January 2015

You stars for the week 16th – 23rd January 2015

Life is one long adventure for you as you alternate between glowing like a low energy bulb then suddenly bursting into full disco glare with pounding music.

A good time to achieve your goals so long as you don’t slip into slothful mode as life brings you a temporary, serenely sublime stratosphere to enjoy.

There is no distance you wont travel if it makes everyone around you happy. Past memories could still be hounding your actions but the future looks bright.

Expect to find yourself either faced with a need to stay away from home more often, or like the proverbial crab to pack your shell and crawl away for good.

Life looks a little rosy at the moment so if you do need a few favours doing then now is the time to ask friends and associates to indulge your whims.

Avoid arguing and expect those around you to be like hedgehogs, prickly on the outside but with a very vulnerable and soft inside.

Planning how to spend your spare time takes up much of your energy but happily others are around to help you work faster towards your goals.

Career and lifestyle present some satisfying experiences to make you feel successful and wanted. Avoid negative speech to keep everyone on your side.

Take a long hard look at the best way to plan for later life because planets currently position themselves to make you realise how fast time flies.

Family or business concerns may be taking up a lot of your attention which distracts from a few surprising and unexpected outcomes to your well planned actions.

Life is upbeat and pleasant for you and planets are ensuring everyone knows how talented you are. Your popularity soars and so does your status.

Keep up the pressure on those who are avoiding responding to your demands and don’t allow them to imagine you are a pushover.