Dangerous clutter

Dangerous clutter

I am writing about your story in the Mature Times, when clutter becomes a health hazard.

I know a couple of people like this, one of them in his 70s lives alone, always out for meals, socialising, not thinking to tidy up, and making excuses all the time.

One thing I want to point out to your readers. If the Fire Service came round and saw the state the property was in home owners can now get fined and taken to court, which is very costly.

We had a house fire near us about three years ago with 40 years of rubbish collected, at the time everyone thought the owner was away, but no, three days later the owner was found in a room with rubbish – she was dead.

If the council get involved, its more expense. Please publish this, let it be a warning to others.

Nigel Deeley, Nottingham