Not-so-smart meters

Not-so-smart meters

Having been with our supplier for some time, we found ourselves last year being constantly telephoned and nagged by them to install a Smart Meter. Being told that we could not benefit from a lower tariff unless we did so, we eventually agreed to the installation although we did feel blackmailed into doing so.

Both your recent articles indicate that “…You won’t need to access your meters to submit manual readings, or let someone into your home to read the meter …”

Since installation, we have frequently had to take manual readings and our bills remain estimated, despite the mantra that “Smart meters will bring an end to estimated bills …. they also communicate automatically with your supplier via secure, wireless technology.”

At the end of last year our suppliers did admit their accounting was in a mess and as they had “estimated” our bills, our direct debits were somewhat higher than they should have been. It has taken many months for the amount to reduce to accurately reflect our realistic use of power.

Are we just the unfortunate ones whose supplier cannot cope?

Wendy Wardrop by email