A letter from Mrs P. Colin – Making do

A letter from Mrs P. Colin – Making do

This morning, as I was making my morning cup of coffee I realised the various economies I was practising without any hardship or much thought.

I use a small plastic kettle – no water, time or power wasted.

Using a drinking glass to measure liquid, I find there is enough to cover the element leaving a small amount not used, which I drink – apparently we older citizens don’t realise when we are thirsty and do not drink enough water normally.

Time saved, waiting for a too large amount to be boiled.

Said small kettle was purchased very cheaply in a local charity shop.

I feel these small economies are my modest effort to making the best use of what we have.

Many thanks to those contributors to the magazine who keep us in touch with the times, which are always “a’changing”.

Mrs P. Colin, Sinning Common