A letter from Hazel Hiam – Brexit

A letter from Hazel Hiam – Brexit

I am not usually behind the times, but because of the snow and ice, I did not pick up the Feb copy until I had the March issue, so I am referring to No. 306 and the item on Brexit.

Did you vote at the referendum? I did, I had a choice, remain or leave. There was no Brexit.

Do people realise that we have been continually told “We decided, we opted, the people have chosen” etc, when WE DID NOT. Brexit was introduced to us after the leave result was announced and since it changes with nearly every news bulletin, I can understand the young people who are worried about their future.

Surely the most sensible thing to do will be a second referendum, if and when our Prime Minister has made up her mind, just exactly what is BREXIT, and more important, what effect will it have on all our futures.

Hazel Hiam, Northampton