A letter from J. D. Milaric – Racism in Society

A letter from J. D. Milaric – Racism in Society

Likewise, Andrew Silk, I’m appalled at the rise in racism in our lives, as per your comments under, “The Senior Moment,” in the January edition. The fault lies in large part, with the appalling behaviour of some of our so-called political leaders and powers that be in all walks of life.

Public discourse has become too toxic in recent years. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, to name just two such individuals, have made overtly racist comments in the past. The Labour Party’s extreme left-wing movers and shakers have a terrible record when it comes to anti-Semitism. The Conservatives do not have an unblemished record either, in terms of Islamophobia.

The rise of right-wing extreme parties in local and national government across Europe, as well as the Brexit debate in the UK (and emergence of the “Brexit Party,”), has also fuelled racist behaviour.

In the sport of football, racism has for too long been at home. At home and away fixtures, I can think of several matches, where such behaviour by some fans, should have led to the last stage of the “Protocols,” being enacted – taking the players off the pitch. For me, subsequent to the Protocols, the matches involved should be played behind closed doors and so hurt the football clubs in the pocket.

Football fans (and anyone else in society) found guilty of racist behaviour must be severely punished. Political leaders must take a lead when it comes to racism and not be part of the problem.

We must all adopt a zero tolerance to racism and call it out at every opportunity. Racism should be an anachronism in the 21st Century.

J. D. Milaric, Borehamwood