European referendum

European referendum

Dear Ed,

The referendum on our membership of the EU must be one of the most important we have had for the future of our country and one that Brexit must win.  Failure will have dire results for future generations to come and the end of our country as we know it…

The most important factor and top of the list is immigration from other EU countries. We are a small country that has already been swamped by economic migrants from the poorer countries of Europe and it can only get worse once countries such as Turkey and other eastern European countries gain entry. All of the countries have one common factor, they are all poorer than Britain with poor social care and benefits, hence the reason to jump on the European bandwagon to be paid by other European & British tax payers.

This is just one reason to leave and there are many more which space doesn’t permit to print. It is vital that the older community pass their knowledge and common sense on to the younger generation for our country to have a future to make our own decisions without being overruled by unelected Brussels bureaucrats.. Please vote ”leave”