Eventual control?

Eventual control?

Dear Sir

When we voted in the 1975 referendum to remain in the ‘Common Market’, I forecast that the Germans would eventually control Europe.

All of the European institutions are either in or within a short distance from Germany, The European Central Bank is in Frankfurt, in Germany, the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights are in Strasbourg. The European Court of Justice is in Luxembourg and the rest are in Brussels.

The Deutsche Boerse (the German Stock Exchange) are negotiating a merger with the London Stock Exchange which, if it succeeds will be based in London and give the German stockholders  a 54 4% share and the LSE stockholders a 45.6% share with German born Carsten Kengeter as chief executive and executive director of the new group.

Today, all the countries in the European Union have a financial deficit except for Germany which is the only country to have a surplus.

Helped by the members of the Commonwealth and with very little support from Europe we fought the Germans in World Wars 1 and 2.  Are we now to allow them to achieve their aims by peaceful means?

I lived through the last war and the London bombings.  The thought of Britain being a country, lacking influence, in a United States of Europe controlled by Germany fills me with terror.  I will be voting to leave the EU.

Doris Osen