EU referendrum: a third betrayal?

EU referendrum: a third betrayal?

The vast majority of the UK population have an English Heritage dating back to the Magna Carta and beyond; our grass roots being overwhelmingly of Anglo-Saxon origin. Over the centuries we have largely resisted external challenges from Europe, and in the last century alone, we had to repel an invasion from Germany at great human sacrifice, on two occasions.

At the end of World War 2 we had retained our freedom, independence and democracy and further, our sovereignty with King George VI still reigning over the UK and the Commonwealth countries; It is worth noting that the only people from overseas countries who had a right of residence in the UK were from the Commonwealth; not the enforced ‘free for all’ we have now, which is the cause of so much turmoil, stress and lower standards in the NHS, Education and Housing etc. In fact, our ‘Unique’ way of ‘Being British’ has been under severe threat due to being in the EU and forced to follow their damaging regulations; our Fishing Industry ruined, is just one example.

It was on the death of our great war-time leader Sir Winston Churchhill in 1965 that the first betrayal was enacted. Leading up to the first referendum the electorate was deliberately mislead by successive governments stating it would be in our interests to vote ‘yes’ for having closer trading agreements within Europe. We were not advised before hand, that we had to join the ECC Club; nor were we made aware that trading agreements with the Commonwealth must be curtailed. This was a disgraceful betrayal of the UK/Commonwealth Countries, and of our new Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II. For the last 40 years our ‘British way of Life’ has gradually been severely diminished.

We are now in the enactment of the second betrayal for the June referendum. I would suggest that the Prime Minister should have remained neutral and provided the electorate with a balanced view of the pros and cons in consultation with each side of the debate. Unfortunately, he has charged forward like a ‘bull out of a gate’, taking sides with the ‘remain’ team, giving out an issue of deliberate lies and deceit, and scaremongering; the fact that he has had to stoop to such low and sordid tactics, shows that he has an extremely weak and flimsy case. This was a betrayal of high magnitude, and has been enhanced by the hypocritical USA President giving out false information.

We now come to the possible third betrayal. This will only be enacted if we Anglo-Saxons: (1) Betray our ‘English Heritage/Grass Roots’; (2) Betray the many millions of young men and women who sacrificed their lives in the two world wars to keep our British values intact; (3) Betray our own sovereignty at the expense of keeping Queen Angela I of Europe on the throne. Telling us how to run our lives; and treating the UK like a ‘Puppet on a String’; which of course we are within the EU. Our major strength is in our own ability to govern the UK/Commonwealth, not the corrupt and stagnant EU.

A further thought: by 2020 the EU will be taking on yet another 5 bankrupt countries, including Turkey; I would suggest that we would rather buy an inexpensive Norfolk Turkey, than an extremely expensive Mediterranean Turkey!

We need the ‘Leave Campaign’ to urgently challenge the two EU betrayals, and to prevent the third betrayal; and to restore the lost values of this unique country of ours. Are we going to sit back and allow this to happen? Winston Churchill said something to the effect; ‘We should be with Europe, but not of it’. These were very wise words, but completely ignored to our own detriment; our unique social fabric now in total disarray.

Leave the EU; let us live in our own peace, independence and prosperity. Focus on your own sons/daughters and grandchildren; they are the future, not the bureacratic nightmare of the EU. Every one of the polititians’, who are responsible for the betrayal of our own sovereignty, should lower their heads in shame; and then seriously consider deporting themselves! We want positivity, not the negativity we have had to endure being governed by the straitjacket of corruption.

Mr R D Burgess, Poole