EU referendum

EU referendum

Dear Sir,

Patricia Vine asks for our opinions concerning the EU referendum.

Although many important issues, such as economic ones are involved, to me the essential question is really a simple one “Do I wish to live in an independent country, governed by my own democratically elected representatives, or am I happy to be a citizen of a European province, ruled by an unelected and immovable bureaucratic and political elite?” We have spent centuries evolving our democratic system of government and millions of our people have died to protect it. The European project was intended from the beginning to be fundamentally undemocratic, as those who devised it did not trust the people and sought to ensure that only those who thought they knew best should be in charge.

Although we can argue about economic matters until the cows come home there are some things which will come to pass, should we be so foolish as to vote to remain. We would in time be forced to join the Euro. We should eventually be obliged to join Schengen, which would see the other EU members offload their unwanted migrants onto our country. We would lose our system of Common Law, seeing it replaced by the Napoleonic system of Corpus Juris, our armed forces would be sent to war in the interests of the EU not Britain, and our democracy would wither on the vine. For all our sakes we must show that we will not sacrifice everything we stand for, and the hope of a bright future as an independent nation, with a global outlook, because of ridiculous scare stories concocted by supporters of the EU.

This referendum gives the British people the chance to show that they reject rule by arrogant, self-interested elites.

Yours faithfully,
Colin Bullen