BBC programming is ‘pathetic’

The quality of TV, especially from the public funded service the BBC has left a lot to be desired.

It makes me yearn for the days of the Test Card and tranquil views of the church across the meadow in Olney, (pancake race country,) in Buckinghamshire!

Any other MT readers old enough to remember the test card and quiet pastoral still pictures feel the same?

The diet on TV from ‘Auntie’ over Christmas and New Year has comprised endless repeats of programmes such as ‘Flog It,’ ‘Bargain Hunt, ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ ‘Escape to the Country’, ‘Great British Bake Off’, need I go on? Pathetic!

When you buy a theatre or cinema ticket and have seen the show, that’s it, paid for the ticket, seen the show, end of story. Not so with BBC TV broadcasts. The public are legally required to pay the licence fee and then suffer endless repeats of aforementioned programmes and more.

How much longer are the great British public to be expected to pay this iniquitous tax, currently running at close on £150 p.a., for such programme content day after day, year after year.

OK, once in a while they produce programmes which are close to being worth a fraction of the licence fee, but generally the standard of programmes now falls well below what we have come to expect from this once respected, and our national public funded broadcaster.

Thank heaven for subscription Sky and its channels of choice, particularly its sports channels.

Walter J. Bourne
Milton Keynes