Why are US bases still here?

Why are US bases still here?

Following the helicopter crash at a military base in Norfolk, killing four soldiers, I was left with one question in my mind. Why are there American military bases in this country?

The U.S. have around a thousand bases across the globe, situated in over 100 countries. Why is this? Most of these bases are situated in the Middle East. In fact, the countries that they’ve supposedly liberated, like Afghanistan and Iraq now possess them as well.

In regard to the ones in this country, you could argue that they stemmed from WW2. That was nearly seventy years ago. You could also try the Cold War excuse. That ended nearly twenty five years ago.

I say that there’s no excuses for any nation for having military bases in any other country. Would Britain stand for a Chinese military base in Western Europe, or would America stand for a Russian base in Canada? Of course not.

Therefore, we shouldn’t allow U.S. bases here, just like South American countries have managed to achieve collectively over the last decade or so.

Colin, Tooting by email