7 reasons to lose weight after 60

7 reasons to lose weight after 60

Why try to lose weight at this age?

As time progresses it can become difficult to maintain a healthy weight due to the varying responsibilities and physical limitations that come with ever progressing age. These may include illness, injury, work commitments, family or a general reduction in physical condition towards retirement age. It is understandable that either starting, or continuing to manage weight can be a serious challenge at certain ages, particularly at 60 and beyond. But including this challenge to your daily routine at this age will host many benefits which you may not realise as the thought first crosses the mind. Here is a breakdown of various beneficial reasons to lose weight after the age of 60.

Losing weight 21) Diets will also host other health benefits other than weight loss.
By undertaking a diet, weight loss is not the only benefit which will occur. Many foods or nutrients that may never have been tried before encompass a variety of health benefits. For example some foods that may be used in a diet may also host benefits to overall health. Taking Pomegranate as a case study for example; an infamous weight loss ingredient for its appetite suppressing qualities. It can also stave off type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and heart disease. These claims can be seen at the link below: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/superfoods/Pages/is-pomegranate-a-superfood.aspx

Ingredients in certain dishes also act as anti-oxidants. This means that the aesthetic of the skin is improved which will also be a benefit to those conscious of the aging process on the skin and face.

2) Mental health benefits can also be a benefit
A key issue for people over 60 and beyond is a concern about mental health especially due to risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia which is still very high and a very real concern for individuals and families alike. However, just as ingredients can pose surprise benefits and weight loss benefits they can help maintain a healthy brain.

Pomegranate, when ground down to a juice is claimed to have mental health benefits by slightly maintaining the health of the brain and thus memory. This is a similar effect to blueberries another case study of wider benefits.

Blueberries also stave off mental health issues by providing healthy maintenance of the brain helping protect against Alzheimer’s. These two examples show that a diet can also host other benefits and as such losing weight after 60 is a good process to undertake.

Find out more about dieting effects on mental health here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3225189/
3) Exercise may become an easier and more realistic process.
The hardest time to begin exercise is when you are out of practice. Fitness levels and general physical condition can make beginning the regime a serious challenge, thus resulting in reduced motivation and in most cases the execution of attempting to exercise at all.

Eating well or taking a safe and genuine dietary supplement could aid beginning this process. Gradually losing weight using simple changes to diet and the addition of a safe supplement could begin the process and bring the body into slightly better shape before exercise.

For full information on a safe way to incorporate an effective exercise routine into your life see the following link for a breakdown of strategies and safety tips:

Losing weight 3Those who are 65 and over should get 150 minutes exercise a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If dietary changes are difficult at first there are various supplements which aid a helping hand in the process. Information about these supplements can be found at the link below which will allow you to peruse potential products that may assist in this endeavour: http://healthycompare.com/

4) Your overall health will be improved providing better protection from disease or illness.
By losing weight many serious conditions can be avoided which are detrimental at elderly ages. By losing weight after the age of 60 these illness and diseases can easily be avoided or at least the body will be more efficient and reliable at tackling them, should they occur. A high body mass or obesity can increase the risk and adverse effects of cancer, heart disease, issues with kidneys and also with diabetes. By reducing body weight you will be less likely to get and more likely to resist and survive the adverse effects of cancer, type 2 diabetes, or heart related issues.

The most common of these includes type 2 diabetes which can be a direct consequence of obesity or a high weight. Information on this can be viewed at the source, seen at the link provided: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Diabetes/Pages/Avoiddiabetes.aspx

5) In most cases, metabolism decreases as you age.
Another reason to lose weight after the age of 60 is that you simply cannot rely on your body to regulate for you anymore. Many people have high metabolisms from a young age and assume this is a wondrous trait that will last. Beyond the age of 60 the body’s metabolic rate will have slowed down heavily and as a result it is both a necessity and the perfect reason to lose weight over the age of 60.

Losing weight 46) There is less strain on the joints equalling greater comfort.
Losing weight over 60 means that there will be less mass surrounding your muscles and bones. This means that it will be easier to move around and avoid discomfort when doing so. This in turn could help relieve some stress and strain of problems such as arthritis or general muscle strain. By keeping off the pounds, greater comfort will be maintained or achieved. This is a huge plus as arthritis and/or limited movement is a common ailment amongst the elderly. This can be delayed entirely or avoided by keeping weight off and ensuring greater comfort and ease of movement as your age increases.

7) Social benefits can also be a by-product of weight loss
Many, when losing weight, either diet or exercise without doing both. Making sure exercise is included can open up social and healthy avenues for those over 60. Exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be a boring workout routine. A safer option for many to include light healthy exercise without strain are activities such as aerobics. A light aerobics class will not only help lose weight and make exercise progressively easier but also allow for social interaction with likeminded individuals. See the link below for advice on both exercise and its benefits other than weight loss and health improvements: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/physical-activity-guidelines-for-older-adults.aspx#moderate