Your year ahead – 2016

Your year ahead – 2016


You are now well rehearsed in being very productive with positive changes and new pathways to tread. People around you have changed, and helped you look at life from a new perspective.

You begin the year with a few self indulgences along with a new outfit and possibly an appointment at the local spa.
You are learning to put in extra effort, and pay attention to detail, partnering this approach with less impulsiveness and deeper consideration of wider issues than youthfulness allowed. In short you realise you are maturing and learning to take things at a slower pace.

Good luck has nothing to do with what you achieve, as everything has to be earned, and learned from experience.

Love attractions keep you high from the beginning of 2016, and June is a good time for romance, but take care the first half of the year not to take anything for granted, and try to develop a negotiating edge leaving the reactive one on the back burner if you want to avoid arguments and splits. A few major confrontations seem likely around 12 April and 29th June, so be on your guard and ready with retorts but also a few solutions. Mid October is better for a smoother love life.

Work wise you can get ready to make changes the first half of the year, but it will be August to November when you can really make your mark and hit main goals on the job front. Jupiter brings more opportunities from September when new people make offers you can’t refuse.


If you are spending time counting your blessings and looking behind some clouds for silver linings then certainly you are in tune with the planetary array.

Spare time has been a hot house for getting out and sharing, as well as learning new skills and meeting up with like minded people who help you expand your interests, learning and skills. It isn’t all easy but if you remained flexible you will have learned to get information rather than argue with those who doubt your profound grasp of situations and events you comment upon.

A legacy or gift, or event connected to legality of possessions, is playing a part in forming how you act, who you contact and interact with.

Learning new laws and regulations also helps you feel in tune with what your rights are and how to get what you want. This is good for your development and material progress.

Mid January to mid February and November to the end of the year brings a time to count your blessings get in touch with your soul and decide who or what you need to devote yourself to. May brings time to relax and spoil yourself and look out for a few admirers ready to pay you deserved compliments, while August flows like a dream. Plan a holiday for that time of year and a romance could provide a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of daily routine.

From September you will see new solutions to old problems easily coming your way but do avoid overspending or using too many credit cards. Stay away from brushes with the law unless it’s necessary to get them on side. It’s later in the year when career trends look better for getting what you want.


Secrets and lies keep you enthralled at the start of 2016, with a few spy stories or mysteries to add to the mix.

Domestic trends should be a source of satisfaction for the first half of the year with a makeover of lifestyle as well as surrounds keeping you positive and cheerful attracting many guests to share with. August will bring brilliant ways of sharing your surrounds with special people who may also help boost your career.

Relationships have required a bit of a spring clean for you with a need to look at which people add to your growth and which are now draining your energy and need to be allowed to drift away. Old friends seem to provide the best support but take care not to bog them down with too many worries and woes, but equally don’t let them use your shoulder too often if you want to stay buoyant.

Love is all about ideas and ideals for you and the year ahead brings just that mid Feb to mid March, with the last week in May and most of June and then September providing love sparks to keep your creative juices flowing at peak levels.

Career activity continues on an adventurous and expanding note till September, keeping you alert with so many new opportunities to exploit and take advantage of. After September its tie to book onto that course, take up some training or set up a consultancy.


Life is teaching you to be more discerning about who you trust with important affairs. Not all consultants are worthy of the titles they put on the door, and not everyone is able to offer the specialist advice you need. Older and more mature people are the best option to help you get more reliable remedies. Define new boundaries and establish limits to what you need to achieve this way you will feel less overwhelmed by the amount of contracts and small print you have to attend to instead of getting out to enjoy life more.

Jupiter hasn’t been brining much help but should provide more support for enjoying a few short journeys to new neighbourhoods and places you haven’t visited before. You will also be attempting new interests that bring a need to travel a little further than usual. This can bring stimulating encounters with quite well placed and well informed people who make you feel singled out for good fortune some time soon.

Love comes looking for you late March into early April and again late September promising a smooth journey with a special friend who helps you stay alert to many new possibilities.

Career wise the first few months you tend to remain under the radar though a job change looks likely from early in the year. A lower position may be offered until August with many upheavals affecting your choices of pathways. From late September prepare to form partnerships if you want to succeed, but avoid romancing the stone and do keep your wits about you when deciding which alliances can bring you the most benefits.


Difficult times on the learning and love front but more about the latter later. Learn lessons from the past and be sure to let experience guide your decisions if you want to avoid making the same mistakes that shunted you onto the wrong pathway. All roads eventually lead to one another but in your current situation you appear to be left wondering which signpost delivered a long winding and perhaps unproductive detour.

Finances have remained buoyant and relatives are a good source of support. You are also capable of influencing others in a positive way with some well informed contributions to make when it matters. August brings a brilliant time to persuade others to your point of view and do look out for some much needed, if expensive additions to add to your treasured resources.

Dress to impress in July and look out for a few admiring glances but the truth is Leo you are so unusually appealing to many that triangular situations can create conflicts history teaches you to steer away from, otherwise the detour gets longer and the goal to developing that special relationship will only become harder.

Career wise as long as you are ready the first half of the year to go with the flow and take up some very entertaining offers, then success should be yours. September is a time to share adventures and short journeys for business and pleasure with a new enterprise on offer.


Try not to muddle sentimental reasons with rational ones if you want to stay in control of family affairs and finances. It’s good to cherish the past but not if it is overruling good decisions that will affect your future. There are still many new places and a few influential people around willing to offer good advice and a new perspective, so stay open to new ideas that help you grow and make the most all of life still has to offer.

Relationships should be thriving and August is a special time to spend with loved ones and relatives so look at holiday adventures now so you can spend the next six months anticipating all those exciting new experiences that you know lie ahead.

September brings slight change of chemistry to the mix but finances help you stay in control and confident. Domestic trends continue to be hard work but if you balance that with looking ahead and making plans for leisure and pleasure you will be able to move mountains.

Career wise May brings an office romance, mid June provides excitement and extra work to keep you active, while in July teamwork delivers the best approach as long as you avoid being too critical and extend every effort to be supportive and positive.


The best way to keep you head high is not to trust all you hear in private and certainly don’t put your faith in new ventures which sound good, come from abroad or an internet offer and look too good to refuse. Refuse them until you have fully investigated who is to be trusted.

You can expect to feel a little bit overstretched with family affairs for the first few weeks, with some irritating exchanges that cause you to use harsh words. It seems this trend continues for the first half of the year as you try to decide the best way to exploit your talents and the best way to share what pool of resources are held jointly. Perhaps the best policy is to wait till later in the year before making major leaps into the untried and untested?

April sees you looking for love and comfort while February brings relaxing times with those you truly care for as well as a flirtatious encounter that helps keep your spirits high. September is the month to watch out for with everything in the mixing bowl you would want to see, romance, adventure, new opportunities and an easy time to watch the world glide by without a care in the world.

Any attempt at rushing into a new enterprise will take extra effort and strong will and determination the first half of the year if you want to succeed. From September however you can take things in your stride and make plans and execute decisions with clarity and vision and creative flourish.


You are learning to steer the conversation towards more positive subjects, or else risk finding others avoid lack of positive communication. It is good to offer serious consideration of all issues under debate but do offer a little lightness or humour even if some sad events are causing pain either in family affairs or financial dealings.

Collecting antiques and interest in old sentimental or valuable collections helps you ponder the deeper side of life, and looking at ways of making old objects new again may offer a new outlet for your talents. Recycling to offset climate change and support the environment may also consume your thoughts and creative output.

Romance is likely to keep you livelier in mid March to early April, then in May you’ll find secrets come out to either shock or provoke you into looking again at love and all that it means to you. Take care in June not to rock the boat if you want relationships to survive, and late September do buy a new outfit and be alert to flirtatious glances from across the crowded room.

Career wise the first half of the year, there is a lot of juggling with what image you want to project, and which values are important to you or your prospective employer. Try not to tie yourself in knots to please all, reserve a little bit of the real you to project self respect and sincerity.

The campaign trail looks the right pathway but by September a new interest takes up your time and energy and you’ll be feeling much more resourceful and ready to initiate a few new pathways to work on.


Life is full of hard work and many new insights into inner resources you never uncovered before. For sure Saturn is crossing your path and giving hurdles to jump and health isn’t always as good as you would like it to be. The new you will emerge later but until it does the shedding of chrysalis skins and old habits is an ongoing painful process.

Love and tenderness offers some respite but may often seem to be lacking, are you giving as much as you would like to get? April brings some dreams and schemes to keep your imagination active, but its August that brings the really special event of your dreams and hopes so be alert to all offers coming your way that month. September sees you joining new groups; social networking with a vengeance and delivering teamwork that helps create wonderful trends for fulfilling a desire to work with creative and dynamic people who share your goals and dreams.

Career wise you have had some good luck trends supporting progress with many, too many offers to diversify and look at new options. As long as you keep your main goals in sight you will make some breakthroughs work to your advantage later in the year. You are always ready to try something new and this will keep you flexible and able to take up all networking offers the second half of the year.


Self discovery takes time away from others but also helps you change behaviours that allow a better way of relating and expressing inner talents. This is the path you are on Capricorn, shedding the old, getting rid of the unacceptable and delivering pure gold in terms of the best you have to offer. Don’t forget to demand that from others as well as giving it.

You tend to prefer spending a lot of time in seclusion away from the noise and the crowds, this may help you recover from major setbacks but beware becoming too morose. You have so much to offer that is constructive and Jupiter is now bringing many ways to maximise your potential and creative impulse in ways you never expected would be valued at work and by those who matter.

A little guardian angel sits on your shoulder until September, so listen to what s/he has to say. Love comes looking for you in August when a special heavenly light shines down on those who comfort and bring you support. keeping you feeling cherished and aware of how much kindness and caring is in front of you if only you open the door.

Career wise the second half of 2016 brings many new ways to make a living and some new methods of getting what you want. Be open to new offers and ready to explore different methods of doing things and earning your daily bread. More status and influence is on offer with some very important people helping you get what you want. A promotion or new job is likely to be heading your way this year.


Group endeavour may have left your philosophy of life a little worse for wear and in need of radical reformation. Not all groups are equal nor are those individuals within, and some may have left you needing more time to look at your own rules of engagement with them. This continues till mid year.

At least love sheds a little light and enlightenment on life and helps you keep your dreams polished and you gain special inspiration in April. A creative outpouring enables a better way of expressing your own brilliance and provides a therapeutic method of working through tensions as working with those who genuinely care give pause for thought and satisfaction. May brings an old flame into your orbit so get ready to either blow it out or fan it to fulfilment, either way it will help make you feel cherished and wanted again.

The flame of passion flare again at the end of the year with Yuletide 2016 brining a passionate time to look forward to no matter what else the year may hold career wise You keep trying to make major moves but it looks like one step forward then two backwards until mid year. You will develop new ways of networking and a better understanding of how to take the best from the team and ignore anyone or anything that isn’t worth worrying about.

Expect a promotion or rise or better position to be offered the second half of the year when good luck begins to shine down on your goals and efforts once more making it easier to succeed.


it’s good to be a dreamer and artists like you are the people we turn to when we need a light to shine down when things look glum. You easily attract many influential people into your circle. They have much advice and expertise to help develop your talents, assuring you of increasing methods of expressing them. Prepare to learn from those who surround you and be open to good advice they have to offer.

You should find making new friends easier than ever many will have incredible expertise and can open doors for you. Journalists, explorers, media operatives and those with specialist information add to your store of knowledge. Amongst this mix is a romantic interlude in June, but a very special time for relationships in August when the trend for understanding and deeper trust and harmony comes your way, if you let it.

Career wise of course it gets harder and sometimes it seems others get the credit for your efforts. You put in attention to detail others overlook but they find ways of capitalising on your contributions. Keep your ideas secret until people you can trust to share them with can help you put them into action and get recognition you deserve.

September brings a change in who remains around you and this seems to indicate a change of job, place of work or daily routine.