What Are CBD Edibles? Everything You Need To Know!

What Are CBD Edibles? Everything You Need To Know!

CBD-infused edibles can be found just about anywhere, but what exactly are they? How do they work? How do you take them? What benefits do they provide? Here’s what you need to know!

What is CBD?

CBD has a controversial past, though thanks to newer legislation, it is finally being given the credit it rightly deserves. CBD is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant and is what is known as a cannabinoid. There are over 60 cannabinoids that scientists have identified to date in the cannabis Sativa plant. They are sub-classified into numerous subclasses, but the two most well known are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is a cannabinoid. You might also be aware of one of the most popular cannabinoids; delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. While THC is psychoactive and responsible for the euphoric or “high” state when people smoke or consume cannabis, CBD does not contain psychoactive properties or cause locomotive impairment. This is an important distinction as THC is still largely illegal in many countries, including the UK, though CBD is becoming more decriminalised and legalised as more research is being conducted demonstrating its positive effects on the human body and mind.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are foods or candies, often gummies, infused with CBD oil. CBD oil does not contain THC, meaning it does not have psychoactive properties and will not cause you to experience a “high”. This is an important distinction as THC is still largely illegal in many countries, though CBD is becoming more decriminalised and legalised as more research is being conducted demonstrating its positive effects on the human body and mind. In the case of CBD gummies, each gummy contains a specified measured dose of CBD. You can either take the whole gummy or tailor it to your needs by dividing it. For example, British CBD gummies manufacturer ZenBears offer vegan-friendly CBD gummy bears infused with 20mg of cannabidiol per bear.

How Does CBD Work?

Scientists are still learning about the ins and outs of CBD and the human body, however here is what we know so far:

The Endocannabinoid System

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating hormones, temperature, appetite, mood, immunity, and more. It plays an essential role in helping our body remain balanced in a healthy state known as homeostasis. Cannabinoids, like CBD, interact with the endocannabinoid system through cannabinoid receptors located throughout our bodies. There are two cannabinoid receptors we are currently aware of: CB1 and CB2. The way in which CBD interacts with these receptors determines the health benefits and potential treatment options CBD can offer.


Endocannabinoids, cannabinoids that are naturally occurring within our bodies, are chemicals that help our bodies heal and recover. Phytocannabinoids, cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, are able to either activate or inhibit the cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies. CBD is a CB1 antagonist, meaning it inhibits the CB1 receptor, causing chain reactions throughout the body leading to benefits such as relieving convulsions, improving mood disorders like anxiety and depression, reducing nausea and reducing inflammatory responses.

The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of CBD edibles is that they are a safe and delicious way to introduce CBD into your endocannabinoid system and experience the benefits of CBD oil. Once activated through your digestive system and absorbed into your bloodstream, the CBD will begin to work with your CB receptors in your endocannabinoid system. This process can take approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Taking CBD regularly can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and improve your quality of sleep. While it is not by any means a miracle cure, early studies regarding the health benefits of CBD are promising and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the use of CBD to assist in relieving some symptoms.

How To Buy CBD

It is important to consider a few things when purchasing CBD in order to get a safe and effective product. Because the legalisation is still relatively new, there is still some grey area when it comes to oversight. When purchasing CBD always look for the following:

Third-Party Testing Certificates

Third-party testing is incredibly important. When purchasing any CBD product, check to see if the vendor is offering their third-party testing certificates. These are free to access and should not cost you extra. Reputable businesses will always make this process clear and easy as it’s a selling point for them. This testing shows the quality of the CBD as well as any THC content. When purchasing CBD, the THC content should be “ND”( non-detectable) or less than 1mg of THC per finished product for it to be legal in the UK. If there is more than this amount, do not purchase it! The third-party certificate will always be attached to a batch number so you can enter the batch number of the product you want or have and access the report for that specific batch.

Honest Claims

CBD does have a lot to offer in terms of health benefits, however, we are still early in the scientific testing phase. Be wary of any website or product that claims to cure illnesses or disease. For example, there is no scientific proof that CBD will cure depression. There is, however, promising research that indicates CBD could help relieve symptoms of depression. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Customer Reviews

When deciding on a product, join online groups and forums, read reviews, check out the comments pages on the products themselves. Keep an eye out for validity. If all of the reviews sound very similar, there’s a chance they are not verified purchase reviews. Ask around and make contact with people who are using CBD for the same or similar reasons you are. They will have amazing resources!

The Ingredients List

Always look at the ingredients. There should not be any additives that you can’t explain. Some CBD oils are tinctures and may contain additives to enhance the effects of the CBD, for example, essential oils or melatonin (a popular sleep supplement). If that is what you are looking for, perfect! Make sure there are still third-party certificates available. If you have dietary concerns, make sure the product you select is free from anything that will harm you.

Here is a good medically reviewed selection of CBD oil products for sale in the UK.

Final Thoughts

CBD edibles are a fun and tasty way of ingesting CBD. In order to truly see the results, track your symptoms or feelings using a journal for a few weeks and see how CBD edibles are changing your life.