This week in History

This week in History

Every week we go back to re-visit some of the significant happenings that took place in living memory; just about, for some of us.

To remind ourselves of how life has changed and how some things stay the same it is fascinating to note what made the news this week in history, starting 23rd August

penguins 21963: King’s dream for racial harmony – The fight for racial equality in the United States moved a step closer to victory today as Martin Luther King spoke of his dream for freedom in an address to thousands of Americans

1967: Penguins cool off in heat wave – Two penguins from Chessington Zoo have been taken on a day trip to a local ice-rink to cool off during London’s sweltering temperatures

Zola Budd1994: Man gets ‘bionic’ heart – A man has been given the world’s first battery-operated heart in a pioneering operation in Britain.

1985: Budd smashes 5,000m record – The controversial athlete, Zola Budd, has broken the world 5,000m record. Barefoot.

1989: Voyager spacecraft reaches Neptune – The unmanned Voyager 2 spacecraft has sent back the first close-up pictures of Neptune and its satellite planets

Stephen FryCelebrity Birthdays

Sean Connery24th – Actor and TV presenter Stephen Fry is 58

25th – Singer Billy Rae Cyrus is 54 and Actor Sean Connery is 85

29th – Comedian Lenny Henry is 57