On this week in History

On this week in History

Ronnie BiggsEvery week we go back to re-visit some of the significant happenings that took place in living memory; just about, for some of us.

To remind ourselves of how life has changed and how some things stay the same it is fascinating to note what made the news this week, starting 6th July 2015

conjoined twins1997: Mars buggy starts exploring Red Planet – Nasa scientists have freed a robot from the space probe Mars Pathfinder, allowing it to begin its exploration of the Red Planet at last.

1985: Boris Becker became the youngest ever player to win the Wimbledon tennis tournament at the age of 17.

1965: Ronald Biggs – a member of the gang who carried out the Great Train Robbery in 1963 – escaped from Wandsworth prison.

2003: Conjoined Iranian twins who volunteered to go ahead with a major operation to separate them both died during surgery.

Huey-LewisCelebrity Birthdays

5th – The News singer Huey Lewis is 66

6th – ‘Rocky’ Actor Sylvester Stallone is 69 and religious leader the Dalai Lama is 80.

Ringo Starr7th – The Beatles member Ringo Starr is 75

8th – The Wright Show TV host Matthew Wright is 50

9th – Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles is 51