Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for October 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for October 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


A new enterprise takes time and energy, thrusting you into a new social arena where exciting liaisons help you broaden horizons and networks.

Love seems to be in danger of being left on the rocks, however, and relatives may need rifts healing.

The Full Moon puts you in the spotlight around 25th when special recognition comes your way along with some rewards for your efforts.


Dealing with authorities takes up a lot of the daily routine along with hiring companies who can help you put your plans into action.

2018 has been special year for meeting interesting new people with specialist roles and October sees you expanding this circle as you navigate some changes in the domestic and work routine.

Relationships are important this month so plan more time for socialising with friends and family.


Could investments need an overhaul and are you thinking of starting a new hobby or part time job to help you make ends meet? Finances are fluctuating but expect a boost around 25th with a risky gamble fetching a little return to make you feel special.

Avoid disagreements with loved ones or see discord as a way of seeking new solutions for what after all is an old problem wearing new clothes.


The domestic front seems quirky and unusual for many crabs perhaps unsettling you and causing a need to either change it or remove. A dominating influence dies out after 25th when more pleasurable leisure gives you space to take a long hard look at what really matters for you and your family.

Use positive planetary energy by focusing on what brings you the most joy and happiness and then decide what changes to make.


Lucky Leo having a great time starting new projects and spreading yourself thinly as you juggle the balls that keep progress rolling. Working from home helps you control both spheres admirably

You always think big and currently enjoy entertaining at home and sharing your wealth and largesse with those you seek to impress. Very important people gravitate around your domestic life helping you feel king of all you survey. Enjoy at last the feeling of being where you always wanted to be Leo.


Spare time looks like drudgery for you at the moment perhaps your demands on others and how you should spend it get in the way of full enjoyment, or maybe planning for a good time is just hard work.

Family affairs prove challenging but later in the month travel with friends loved ones and neighbours helps you throw off all caution as you travel new highways and encounter experiences which lift you out of the doldrums.


Lack of confidence holds you back and your situation demands care in what you share with others. Your secretive approach may cause sudden shifts or rifts in relationships. Friends return from the past to help you measure your progress in life but also offer provoking ideas which deliver a need for seismic sifts in your attitude to life, love, work and play.

The 9th is good for planning while 25th brings a female who makes you see things in a new light.


You are probably learning how to exploit planetary energy for your own ends at the moment and see for yourself that the month ahead brings amazing opportunities for strutting your stuff, partying and having a wonderful time dazzling everyone with your brilliance.

Yes, Scorpio the month ahead has it all and it is your time to shine so enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame and glory and milk it for all its worth. Expect a new love match, plenty of admirers and so many ways to express your talents.


You are either on an overseas adventure enjoying distant shores and new found friends, or your night life is spectacularly full and active in the month ahead. It looks like you are partying as if there is no tomorrow or could it just all be a fantasy disappearing when you awake. Only you can turn dreams into reality but a warning centaur to not overspend on too many good times, save a little for later when times may get rough.

A social event the last week of the month re engages you with old friends and past memories.


Status is important for you and you always expect to be at the head of any enterprise at work or in your social life, so current events should be helping you feel you have achieved that high rung on the ladder. October helps consolidate your position as you, rather out of character, begin mingling with the great and the good as well as the unusual. It seems you can at last put caution to one side and network like never before.

Expect respect for your talents as well as praise and medals for your efforts as all your chickens come home to roost.


You are still in campaign mode or have a battle to fight so watch out for blood pressure issues and don’t take too many risks that might damage your health. Groups and organisations you belong to could provoke you into acting prematurely or out of character so do keep a cool head and consider your options carefully.

Career efforts are satisfying with easy working conditions helping you feel nourished and fulfilled. A flirtatious colleague sets your heart racing and adds to the attractiveness of staying at the front of all the action.


Gosh you seem to have a wonderful flow of good energy surrounding most areas of life with some excellent trends for good luck and achieving hopes and dreams in unusual ways. Cosmic ordering comes easily to send out your wishes and wants to the universe and amazingly witness how these are addressed with little effort from you.

October brings excellent trends for identifying hopes and dreams for the future as well as attracting important teachers and guides who know how to help you achieve them. Be careful of what you wish for Pisces…