Traveling the European mainland? Consider car rental Netherlands

Traveling the European mainland? Consider car rental Netherlands

When traveling from the UK, there are many options worth exploring. If you consider traveling to the European mainland, an attractive option is The Netherlands. You can use the airport at Amsterdam as your hub and then take a car rental Netherlands to bring you to any destination you need. In this article we will explore the options you have to visit the European mainland through The Netherlands.

Public transport and taxis

Besides car rentals, it is also possible to use public transport. Although the network is formidable, it is also limited. If you do not travel to one of the major cities, it can become quite cumbersome to use it. Think about the number of transfers you need to make. Of course, this also depends on your travel plans. If you are planning to stay at a fixed location, using public transport would still make sense. However, if you want to explore the country and other parts of Europe, renting a car would make more sense.

Taxis are not considered to be a viable option in The Netherlands. The costs are very high, making it unattractive for many travelers. Public transport often provides the same service but at much lower rates. If you need to go to a rural area, you could go for a taxi. Do take into account that it will become an expensive trip. This is what also makes car rental Netherlands attractive. You can often rent a car for a full week for the equivalent price of a one hour taxi drive in the country.

Using car rental Netherlands to travel the continent

The Netherlands has an attractive position on the European mainland. From there, you can easily reach countries such as Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France and Luxembourg. This is the reason why many global travelers choose to start their European adventure from the Netherlands.

Rental options are very diverse

Europe offers travelers a lot of diversity. This also becomes evident when looking at the types of cars you can select. Ranging from family cars that originate in France, such as Citroën and Renault, to the German luxurious brands. First off, it is important to align your car choice with your desires. Do you want to have an affordable option? You can select a small car such as a Volkswagen Up to get your journey going.

Rent a car Eindhoven airport

As the UK is close to The Netherlands, you can also consider a regional airport. One of the attractive regional airports is Eindhoven. You can fly here with attractive rates using airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair. Once you arrive, you can rent a car Eindhoven airport. This is a good suggestion, as the costs are lower compared to the airport at of Amsterdam. It will therefore have a positive impact on your airplane ticket and the rental price. Another benefit? The airport is located close to the borders of Belgium and Germany. This makes it a good start for your European road trip.