Car rental Eindhoven airport will shine light on your next trip

Car rental Eindhoven airport will shine light on your next trip

Although the title of this article might be mythical, having the right mode of transportation can make or break a trip. Are you planning to travel to The Netherlands? Car rental Eindhoven airport is a good option to start with. When you fly to Eindhoven airport, you can enjoy low tariffs from competing carriers such as Ryanair and Transavia. As the airport is relatively small, you can be outside within 15 minutes after arrival. Your trip can start!

Select valet rental for the ultimate experience

Car rental Eindhoven airport companies even offer a special valet rental option. This means that you can walk out of the terminal and have a representative of the rental company waiting for you. The representative will guide you towards the car that is ready and waiting for you. After a quick check, you can start your holiday and drive away. This is a very convenient method for both business and leisure travelers that fly to Eindhoven.

What about public transport?

Although the public transport in The Netherlands is well organized, there are still problems to be solved. For example, if you want to travel outside the city, it takes time due to the need for transfers. If you are looking for a city-to-city journey there are Intercity trains that can get you there with ease. Do take into account that the ticket prices in The Netherlands are relatively high compared to other European countries. When you compare it with renting a car, the cost difference is minimal. Traveling with more than two people? The chances are that a rental car is cheaper than public transport. Of course, this also depends on the location where you park.

Other car rental Netherlands options

Besides the use of the regional Eindhoven airport rental, there are also other car rental Netherlands options available. Throughout the country there are cities that offer attractive car rental possibilities. When you decide to travel by train or come by another transport method, there is definitely an attractive option available near you. If you want to stay inside a city, it also makes sense to hire a bicycle. Both healthy and a nice way to explore Dutch cities!

Rental at other airports

Another option frequently used by international travelers is the airport of Amsterdam. Schiphol, as it is called, is one of the major travel hubs of Europe. Due to this it is home to many car rental companies, increasing competition and thus resulting in competitive prices. However, do note that due to real estate costs the prices are higher than nearby Eindhoven. This brings us to another regional airport, Maastricht. Located even further south than Eindhoven, it offers an airport which includes a multitude in car rental options. From here you can easily travel to neighbouring Germany and Belgium.