Top Tips on How Best to Display Wall Poster and Prints in your Space

Top Tips on How Best to Display Wall Poster and Prints in your Space

Be it in the hallways or inside a room, fine art posters will certainly brighten up any space. The trick lies in not only selecting a trendy and appropriate style and design of poster, but also in proper placement or hanging.

Give your space that wow factor with the following ideas and tips on how to best display your posters and prints.

  1. Just Frame It

Having trouble deciding how to display your unframed posters and prints? That’s quite common. Start by framing it. Indeed, framed prints are a lot easier to deal with, as you will have different options to choose from when it comes to placement or hanging them.

  1. Know Where to Place your Posters

There are generally no definite restrictions on where to place your posters. Near the TV is a no-no, so don’t even think twice about it.

For smaller pieces, you can never go wrong with placing them above the sofa, fireplace or console table. On the other hand, if yours is a larger poster, then ensure you display it in a neutral space, away from other artwork displays as well as furniture.

  1. Hide your Room’s Flaws with the Posters

Place your posters right, and you can very well hide most of your room’s flaws. And, no, it is not only about the hole in your walls, although that is a given.

If you want your room to appear like it has a taller ceiling, then arranging or stacking up your posters vertically will certainly create that effect. Similarly, you can significantly increase the perceived length of your room by arranging the posters horizontally.

  1. Invest in a Good Poster Rail

A stylish poster rail can add a lot of flair to your poster. Walk into any art store, and you can find an inexpensive one there. You can also invest some time and go the DIY way and make one for yourself. The right rail will make your poster truly pop.

  1. Forget About Hanging It

Hanging wall posters is great, but it’s not the only way to do it. If you have a smaller piece, why not just prop it against the wall as it sits on top of the table. Another option for these smaller pieces is to install a shelf along your wall and use the shelf to display these posters alongside other artwork. You will want to consider how much space you have available as these display easels can take up quite a bit of space.

Similarly, if you have an oversized wall poster, then you can just as well let it lean against the wall as it rests on the floor. It’s an original idea, and you don’t have to worry about having to cause any damage to your walls. It’s also a great idea if you are going for the minimalistic look.

  1. Group the Posters

A gallery wall made of several posters is such a great idea. You can use all your posters, or only some of them to create the perfect poster collage. It creates flow and continuity in your space, and brings that unmatched wow factor.

One of the tricks to make this idea work is to group together posters of the same theme, as this creates some harmony. You can also opt to group posters that are of the same size, and achieve the same effect in a symmetrical arrangement. Alternatively, you can stray from the traditional, and group posters of different sizes and themes for that perfectly asymmetrical arrangement as you see it best. In the end, there is no rule that’s set in stone about what should or shouldn’t work for this design trick.

  1. Colour Coordinate and Create Harmony with Other Items

Keep in mind what else you already have going on with your décor when selecting wall posters. The same should be at the top of your mind when you are thinking about how and where to place these posters.

The general idea is to ensure there is perfect harmony among the items you have chosen to be a part of your room’s décor. Be it blending in, or creating that contrast, you cannot afford not to consider everything else you may be having in your room.

Framed Vs Unframed

There will be a definite difference in how to handle framed and unframed wall posters and prints. Or unframed posters, your best options are removable mounting tape, and poster glue dots. These will keep the poster on the wall and peel off without leaving any damage. If you are looking to hang framed posters, get universal frame hangers, or poster hanging hooks.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways creative ways to display wall posters. Find the right poster from the diverse poster collection, and try out the tips highlighted above and more ways to display your posters and prints.