Tips To Keep Sinks Clean

Tips To Keep Sinks Clean

It is necessary to often clean the sink if you want to stay hygienic. We often leave dishes and leftover food in the sink as we are too tired to get rid of this immediately. However, this is not a good idea. The formation of grime and other things in the sink can cause problems for you. The following are some ways to make the sinks in your home remain spotless.

Get a cleaning agent

Cleaning agents like a drain un-blocker from HG are made specially to clean sinks like the ones in a kitchen. These can be put on the sink and in the sinkhole to clean it properly, especially when you are experiencing a sink that is blocked. Follow the instructions of the product and use it accordingly.

Scouring powder

The powder can be made by mixing baking soda, borax, essential oil, along with coarse salt. This helps form a strong powder that can be put in the sink at the time that you have to clean them properly.

When you have put the powder on your sink, allow it to remain for around five minutes after this employ a scrubbing brush to remove the filth. Warm water can then be utilised to clean it. The same powder can be employed for a bathroom sink also.

Lemon scrub

The scrub requires lemon along with coarse salt. This can be used when one has no time and you need to do the task fast.

Cut the lemon in half, then add the salt on the flesh of it. Scrub the area employing the lemon plus salt, whilst slowly pressing the lemon when scrubbing. You can put more salt when required. With the help of the mixture, it is possible to make grease and filth softer and get rid of any smell.

Remember the small areas

When you are cleaning the sink, do not forget the nooks and crannies. These are tough to reach places, which are areas for grime to form. Water and white vinegar can be utilised here. A brush like an old toothbrush can be used for these places.

Let the sink remain clean

If you want your home to stay healthy, then keep the sink clean. Get a new sponge when needed. Clean all kitchen products properly. After washing dishes, remember to clean the area without leaving any dirt properly. This dirt can go into the drain, causing a blockage. You will then need to find ways on how to unblock a sink to fix the problem. A plunger can be used here, for instance.

The sink can be disinfected by taking a spray bottle and adding half vinegar and half water. White vinegar has ingredients that behave like a disinfectant and can remove germs. Make sure the area is suitable for the vinegar to be used on it. If not, then hot water along with antibacterial soap work.

It is better to clean your sink every day so that it sparkles and causes no problems. Soap, along with water, can be employed for this.