What’s missing from all new smartphones

What’s missing from all new smartphones

Smartphones – modern mobile phones that can do everything from browse the web to make video calls – can be great. It’s amazing what they can do – all in a gadget you can fit in your pocket.

But when you buy one, there’s something missing.

It’s not the charger (hopefully!). It’s a manual – something to show you how to use the thing. The manufacturers seems to assume that you’ll just know how to use it, as if by magic.

But there are things you simply need to know how to do. It’s not obvious that you have to swipe from the top of the screen or tap with two fingers instead of one. Things like that you can’t just know – someone has to tell you.

That’s where a book from The Helpful Book Company comes in – lots of their customers say they live up to their name! They’ve recently published iPhones One Step at a Time and Android Phones One Step at a Time – these books have proved hugely popular with all sorts of people who have a smartphone – but who aren’t experts at using it.

The books are only available from the publisher. You can get a free information pack telling you about what’s covered, who they’re suitable for and how to get hold of the books – just ring 01229 777606 or email MT1117@helpfulbooks.co.uk