8 top tips to keep your motoring costs down

8 top tips to keep your motoring costs down

A car is a good investment but so much money is fumed away with your rolling wheels actually amounts to a much bigger amount. And it’s frustrating when you need to replace your car with a new one. But We do  have a brilliant advice for you that you can opt for used ford focus and replace your old car with the  new look alike Ford Focus.. By the way let’s come on the point that we’re here to know simple tricks and precautions can cut down your fuel cost to half.

Here are 8 such effective tips to cut your expense on fuel:

  1. Manage your journeys

When the engine gets cold after parking and then gets into action, it consumes most fuel than when it runs.  So, a number of stop and runs take much more fuel than an unrestrained run for hours. If you can complete all your errands in a single run, it would definitely have a positive impact on car fuel.

  1. Avoid peak hours and high volume traffic

The peak hours in certain roads and neighbourhoods make cars stranded in lanes. This involuntarily leads to higher fuel consumption. You can avoid travelling by car in those hours and rather choose to travel by public transport. Secondly, you can go via slightly longer but less congested roads to reach your destination.

  1. Avoid air friction

Open windows, sunroof and creaky door, can all cause air friction leading to more fuel consumption. The flabby car models of yesteryears also suffer more from this air friction requiring the vehicle spend more fuel to stay moving. If you are changing the car for a new buys a sleek model with the minimum friction.

  1. Travel light

No, we are not referring to backpackers with this piece of advice. We are meaning cars. Just like the backpack your car needs to be emptied and lightweight to preserve more energy, i.e. fuel. A heavier vehicle consumes much more fuel than an empty vehicle.

  1. Speed up smoothly

Shooting the car top speed all of a sudden can be fun but it takes a heavy toll on your fuel tank. On the other hand, driving at a consistent speed in top gear takes much less fuel than going too slowly or too fast. Avoid driving at high speed to save your fuel bill.

  1. Avoid pushing down the accelerator too low

There are many drivers who just avoid changing gears to slow down. Instead, they push down the accelerator too low. The result is more fuel consumption by the car. You can avoid such situation better by having an automatic gearbox in your car that automatically switches gear to stay afloat.

  1. Maintain the speed limit

On the open road, you should take the full scope of saving your fuel by speeding up the car at a moderately high speed. If you are driving slower than a speed of 70mph a long journey can cost you a considerable amount in fuel. A consistent speed of 70mph in most motorways is ideal for a smooth ride and fuel saving.

  1. Optimise tyre pressure regularly

Did you know, the lower the pressure of your car tyre, the more fuel it needs to get moving on the road? So, just check your car pressure at regular intervals, preferably once in a fortnight. If you are not sure of the ideal pressure, you can find it somewhere around the driver’s door locks, in your manual, or you can ask the attendant in your fuel station.