Your stars for the week 4th – 11th December

Your stars for the week 4th – 11th December

A few lucky breaks the first half of the month keep you on a high and your reputation stays respectable. Be ready for a more independent phase career wise.

Health begins to improve and old worries disappear and dissolve. This week brings friends to share their news and keep you up to date. A special bond could grow stronger.

This is a very sociable time when you are catching up with friends and business contacts and you’ll be indulging in a flirtatious foray that sets tongues wagging.

People you haven’t seen for a while get in touch and offer invites for visits to distant shores to see a long lost relative or friend. An offer to travel comes your way.

You are a party person par excellence and you’re already practising your party tricks and collecting anecdotes to entertain everyone. Home life is more harmonious.

New interests keep you excited and feed your need to throw away the little red book of rules to find out how liberating life can be if you just act spontaneously.

The week ahead brings an amazing trend for travel, catching up with relatives and sharing a special event with them around the New Moon 11th.

Keep up with your magical mystery networking, and have your calling card ready to share with contacts who can pass it on to a few very influential people.

You rarely know the difference between work and play, and with your merrymaking skills you should be on full form now with a stroke of good luck in the mix.

A tax bill or parking fine doesn’t help you save pennies and is a payday loan really the solution? Stop penny pinching start online shopping for bumper bargains.

The New Moon on 11th is time for self reflection and uncovering and making the most of your unexplored talents. A loving ray shines down on all you do.

Your imagination is buzzing with so many stories to tell as the magic of the season heats up over the next week. A wonderful time for happy encounters