Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th October 2014

Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th October 2014

Romantic affairs could be a source of intense emotional experience leading to electrifying insights that leave you stunned if not traumatised.

Could life get any more intense for you or is it all in that overactive little mind of yours and more virtual than real? Life and love forces you to face your innermost psyche.

Energy levels could be low leaving you feeling less co operative than usual. Avoid overdoing things and plan quality leisure time to recoup your energy.

Your status and reputation are about to be exposed to some cataclysmic events that shake up your world. Only you can decide which way to react.

You always speculate to accumulate but don’t overestimate the amount of good luck money can buy. Consider all options carefully but don’t re mortgage the house.

Life’s little luxuries make you feel loved and adored but is it time perhaps to look again at what is essential to ensure money is better shared?

A colleague friend or partner could behave eccentrically leaving you feeling puzzled about the way they are relating to you personally. Be patient and don’t rock the boat.

Yes Saturn still hinders communicating with warmth and compassion. Try a little self love and stop being so hard on yourself, but do avoid arguments.

You are more capable than most at chasing the object of your desire and the week ahead brings an exciting chance encounter to set your pulse racing.

A rival arouses your competitive edge but you must avoid acting impulsively or aggressively if you want to keep loved ones on side.

A good time for dealing with people in authority especially if you are looking for finance or support for a new project or entrepreneurial start up.

Finances need careful handling but you will be tempted to make an unexpected purchase that leaves a big hole in your bank account.

Lunar Lore
The total lunar eclipse is on 8th, in Aries which happens to be the sign on England’s ascendant. Lunar lore dictates this will affect government and opposition, status of the country and the people of the nation.