Your stars for the week 20th – 27th March 2015

Your stars for the week 20th – 27th March 2015

Some family tensions could spill over into intimate relationships so use the power of sweet talking Venus brings your way to deliver conciliatory exchanges.

Changes on the home front leave you feeling the need to buy a few luxury items to make things more comfortable and looking that little bit extra special.

Pay attention to your dreams to learn more about your inner hopes and desires. Get in touch with your inner psyche to stimulate your artistic talents.

The total solar eclipse on 20th makes you look again at your plans for the future. Avoid acting too impulsively and wait a while before putting plans into action.

Life should feel to be on a more even keel with some excellent trends for good luck ensuring things work out in your favour. Try not to rock the boat before they do.

A happy and sociable time for you as you reorganise the daily routine to help things run more smoothly. Getting involved in charity work would help you feel fulfilled.

Your intuition should be strong and reliable so do pay attention to signs and symbols that could point you in the right direction for getting what you want.

Things seem to work out in your favour but are others getting the recognition you feel is yours? Don’t brood just spend more time with loved ones to heal the hurt.

Take another look at how productively you are spending spare time and work out better ways of making use of it to spice up your life.

If you are feeling a little overlooked could it be you need to get out a bit more? Romance is waiting just for you but are you going to meet it halfway?

An easy time when things get done smoothly. A good time for little adventures so book a trip with friends to enjoy a few new horizons.

A good time to spend talking with friends and partners but avoid rivalry or competition as it will only spoil your own feel good factor.