Your stars for the week 6th – 13th February

Your stars for the week 6th – 13th February

Make the most of trends for looking at the best way to invest your money and discovering better methods of pioneering entrepeneurial ventures.

Your passions are easily aroused at the moment but if asked to deal with conflicts don’t worry as your ruling planet Venus will moderate any flaring tempers.

Partnerships can be hard work and mean lots of compromise but spreading your magic charms can help harness co operation beyond your wildest dreams.

Do pay attention to the detail in deals or contracts or you could lose money or remain liable in ways you failed to spot. Take care to look at the small print.

Everyone wants a ;piece of you so make sure you clearly define what you can or can’t deliver to avoid disappointing those who really depend upon your help.

People seem more vibrant and exciting but could it be you that is ready to notice the bigger picture now all those untidy and upsetting issues are less demanding.

Do consult everyone rather than just listening to one side of the story. You are very intuitive but can often fail to gain the fuller picture.

All the fun and games of the party seem to be happening your end of the universe so why the glum face? Catch up with old friends and take new ones to the ball.

You always make best use of even a little talent but beware of overstating your expertise. People you seek to impress may know more than you.

It’s all spend, spend, spend for you and I do sympathise but are you being extra vigilant about the real need for those purchases or merely responding to sales hype?

You try so hard to make everyone happy but could end up feeling frazzled instead. Try take time out and realise others are responsible for how they feel.

A very creative time for you when you are bursting with ideas and have found some innovative solutions so your remaining job is to persuade everyone else of your talent.