Your stars for the week 2nd – 9th October

Your stars for the week 2nd – 9th October

Some irritating details to attend to but don’t become too obsessive when making demands on others to do what you say or see things only from your point of view.

Taking out a mortgage or loan for a new car or property purposes should be trouble free but don’t let this fool you into spending beyond your ability to pay back.

Take a closer look at personal interests or strengths to see where you could turn these into some profitable sideline that brings you closer to being happy at work.

Family and finances command your energy and attention and could cause additional expense that leaves less for making major domestic changes.

Spending on a new wardrobe or must have designer accessories helps you stand out in the crowd with some romantic overtures coming from envious admirers.

Stay confident but do give respect to others who could be hiding their talents rather than having none at all. Allow others to shine and you can bathe in their glow too.

It’s good to talk and if someone has let you down recently could it be you haven’t responded to a previous call from them to catch up with important issues?

Take care what you say and do stay away from negative topics. Prioritise a positive approach and exercise moderation in your views and beliefs.

You seem to be surrounded by either eminent people or experts in fascinating topics. Listen and learn how a humble approach achieves more than parading talents.

Is it time for a major personality transplant or are there hidden inner resources you haven’t yet nurtured that could help you turn annoying situations into major success.

Love is in the air or you are going up in the skies in a beautiful balloon. Make the most of a trend for smooth flowing harmony without acrimony.

You seem surrounded by eco and religious warriors! Don’t worry your amazing talent for rising above the rabble helps you keep everything under control.