Your stars for the week 29th August – 5th September 2014

Your stars for the week 29th August – 5th September 2014

The difficulties will slowly begin to dissolve leaving you with more energy to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Trust your intuition.

You seem to have cast an amazing mystical spell on people you hardly know. A little bit of magic brings you closer to fascinating individuals.

Take time to decide the perfect way to organise your home and create a more efficient schedule. Important news arrives as you travel.

A quick visit to Hogwarts to pick up your flying broomstick could lead to an encounter with some curious and strangely talented people.

Life could be rather serene for lions at the moment but take care that a domestic conflict doesn’t escalate and upset a romantic interlude.

A getaway or holiday retreat provides the perfect time to enjoy late night entertainment. Wherever you are follow your dreams and enjoy the romance.

Finances look good with income increasing so what is making you irritable? Avoid reading the riot act or it could lead to regrets.

Hopefully you restrained your behaviour enough to prevent another major blunder through impulsive behaviour. A friend needs your support but are you able to give it?

Life could be all sweetness and light if only it wasn’t for those naughty nightmares that keep your imagination and nervous system in top gear.

If only you had a magic wand what wonders would you create? Only you can decide whether to follow the dream or dally with dull but reliable reality.

Everyone seems in such good humour ensuring your social life swirls. Work is hard for sure, but oh those memorable summer nights:-)

A loved one could be either mirroring or provoking your hostility. Avoid over reaction and try finding out what is really going on between you.

Lunar Lore
The waxing Crescent Moon passes by Saturn then Mars on 31st. Watch them set in the West at dusk each evening to see which is brightest.