Your stars for the week 22nd – 29th August

Your stars for the week 22nd – 29th August

Offset the frustrations and delays with some well planned spare time entertainment and pleasure. Romantic affairs should be a source of celebration.

Sometimes things get bad before you can see a way forward to making them better. Invite friends and loved ones around to help you chase away the clouds.

Taking a tour of your favourite sites would be a great way to enjoy some of the good things the planets have on offer for you. Share visits and journeys with a friend or loved one.

A good week for looking again at personal plans to promote your interests and hobbies. Vitality should be good and you feel extra resourceful.

Life should be taking on a rosy hue and your optimism helps you deal with some sticky business on the home and lifestyle front to ensure the clouds soon disappear.

You will be feeling a streak of good fortune helps you get what you want in ways you never thought possible. A good time to make friends and influence people.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you choose your words you will risk offending others without even trying. Use a good trend for reaching out to a wider social circle.

Make the most of the last of the summer days before Autumn comes calling. A new job offer or promotion is likely to come your way from a social contact.

Things should be running smoothly on many fronts although you may be feeling your income is not as good as the effort you put into earning it.

A twist of fate and fortune makes you look at what your beliefs and values really are. Is it time to reassess your personal code of conduct and how you deal with others?

Relationships keep you busy and are a major focus at the moment, but a certain person looks likely to begin to upset plans so be flexible to avoid major splits.

You seem to be prone to sudden unexpected outbursts and this may be a sign of stress. Plan a little spare time therapy to help you stay cool.

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