Your stars for the week 27th June – 4th July

Your stars for the week 27th June – 4th July

Property affairs are an area of expansion and opportunity for you but don’t put all your well laid eggs in one basket. Take expert advise then look at your investment options.

What a sweet little speaker you can be when it suits you. Get ready to talk everyone into your way of seeing things, then sit back and enjoy a day out with a VIP.

You are charm personified at the moment and your creativity can get you recognised by some amazing family connections who can help you achieve ambitions.

Get ready to throw all inhibitions to the wind and celebrate your birthday in style. It’s time to get out of that shell and grab all life has to offer.

A holiday abroad would suit your needs right now, but if you are still stuck on the treadmill then get those holiday brochures out and plan a get away.

Life is looking good at last and you are creating a new image that attracts a few compliments ensuring you feel you have turned a corner and can hold your head high.

An excellent trend for working with people you need to impress so accept all invitations to make sure you mingle with those who can provide a promotion.

Work on getting rid of old habits that are holding you back while Saturn makes you look more carefully at the detail. Be assured that good luck trends are helping you.

Friends are so co operative so if you were hoping for a certain person to be more affectionate then now is the time to make your move.

A person in authority may have your best interests at heart but ensure you communicate your needs clearly. Speak up now or forever hold your peace.

You need to get out more so make sure you pay unto Caesar what is his due, then get your best bonnet on and catch up with your social life.

Scandals do seem to have a habit of catching you unawares and by now you have so much experience of them you could become a spin guru.

Lunar Lore
Sirius, brighter than the Sun and Moon, rises with the Sun 4th July to end of August. These are ‘Dog Days’ due to the heat, take extra care of dogs at this time of year.