Your stars for the week 13th – 20th February

Your stars for the week 13th – 20th February

Hiding away to dream, scheme and plan can pay dividends if it makes you take a fresher look at life, love and the universe and prepare to adapt to offers available.

You are an irresistible and immovable force which is why people now have to be wary of upsetting your normally placid nature if they don’t want to see you charge.

The sun shines down on your hopes and dreams inspiring fresh initiatives to keep you feeling there is a big kind guy in the sky helping you win.

The New Moon on 18th marks the start of a passionate theme that drives you forward onto a pathway that brings a whole new hopeful you into being.

The jungle just got wilder and you need to cut down a few creepers and trees to get a better view and stay ahead of all those pesky rivals.

Stresses and strains drain your energy but mixing a cocktail of detail with a broader overview could refresh flagging motivation and help raise hopes and spirits.

Follow Virgo’s advice but add a few herbal remedies to cure financial hangovers. Mars spices up your ruler Venus on 18th, so get ready to move from nought to ninety mph.

Valentine’s Day is never wasted on you and your flirting could pay off this weekend as that special someone finds your saucy approach appealing.

Just when you caught sign of the finishing line another hurdle looms to slow you down. The Moon in your sign on 14th advises outdoor adventures to keep love sweet.

Plan something special like a boat ride or take a taxi to the best concert in town but do make your red letter day special if you want to guarantee being lucky in love.

Find a Capricorn friend and join in the fun it’s no good being Cinderella and then not going to the ball to show off all those new fashion accessories you just bought.

A volley from Venus is about to smash into your universe bringing passion and fireworks to lighten up your romantic horizon. Get ready for love Pisces.