Your stars for the week 27th February – 6th March 2015

Your stars for the week 27th February – 6th March 2015

If you’re not steaming ahead going from 0-90mph or faster then you are missing so many wonderful opportunities to make the most of what the planets bring your way.

Hopefully you have told those waving the red flag in front of you that if they do it one more time they may have cause for regret. Now is the time to tell others what you expect.

You are talented but don’t expect to get an award just yet as I don’t want you pushing your luck and ending at the bottom of the stairs after a fall.

Relax and take time to catch up with neighbours and relatives or book a short trip to one of your favourite places. Try new routes to make the most of what’s on offer.

Take another look at the laws of the jungle, did someone else rewrite them and not tell you? If you want to remain king then establish some new rules others must follow.

Get creative and throw away all those restricting regulations to ensure you look afresh at ideas you have for too long avoided putting into practise.

Money could arrive later than expected but don’t worry it will turn up just when you need it most. Avoid taking out loans get friends to fill in financial holes till money arrives.

Changes in routine imposed by others might leave you stewing in your own juices but if you see it as an opportunity for change you could control, you will win.

Prepare for a gathering of the clans and little spice in the form of some passionate encounters that could leave your heart racing.

Prepare to have to change some of your plans as some people around you bring news to your attention that you didn’t factor in when you were making them.

Family affairs could be taking up more of your time, with some relatives in need of your help and consideration. You can be relied upon to inject some inspiration.

Get ready to parade your talents for all to see and prepare to amaze everyone with your creative ways of delivering new scenarios on old scripts and landscapes