Your stars for the week 24th – 30th June

Your stars for the week 24th – 30th June

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Career efforts should run more smoothly now, with many unexpected twists and turns taking you onto a more productive pathway than you thought possible.

An independent streak takes you travelling to see new horizons and enjoy stimulating travellers en route. A new interest captures your imagination. Stress should ease.

Money to finance a personal project could put strain on the budget for essentials. Take care with investments and who you trust with your pension fund.

A good time to visit relatives and catch up with their news as well as enjoy seeing the pleasure they feel when you turn up with gifts and affection.

Change in career keep you busy, but are you spending too much time engaging in secret affairs and indulgences to notice a few danger signals?

Hopefully you have now got some health issues resolved and can look again at how you relate to life and the universe, and who to trust. Better times lay ahead.

Career trends are strong so if you’re looking to promote yourself and ideas then seize the trend with both hands, speak to your boss about a pay rise or promotion.

If you plan ahead and stay constructive, you could find a romantic trend provides hope for a special relationship to develop into something soulfully meaningful.

The time is ripe for honesty to pay even when some influential people don’t merit their position. Keep the truth and know you win the moral high ground.

Although those in power are being authoritarian, you can rely upon some fair play and the support of colleagues to keep you comforted. Love beckons.

A rival for your affection steps in to upset the status quo, but see it as a challenge to get information rather than getting angry and worked up.

The good news is a lot of the stresses confronting you recently finally subside. Reward yourself with a ticket to an exciting event to share with a lover.