Your stars for the week 22nd – 30th July

Your stars for the week 22nd – 30th July

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Spending time in the big outdoors or starting a new adventure or enterprise puts planetary energy to good use for the week ahead. Do make time for romance too.

Domestic life gets hectic and many twists and turns can be frustrating for you. A garden party could cheer everyone up.

A short trip with loved ones helps you stay upbeat. There’s a lot of drama in the air, and you could take key role as the plot unfolds, keeping everyone entertained.

Relatives keep you busy and finances remain strong but intimate relationships rock and roll on a rocky road. Try a diplomatic approach to keep them sweet.

It’s your turn on centre stage, overwhelm everyone with your amazing talents. You are always entertaining and love a party so throw a big one everyone can join in.

Changes in routine always leave you unsettled but this is a time of life to realise change is eternal and going with the flow often takes you where you always wanted to be.

Teamwork brings thrills and spills but for you it also brings time to self congratulate on your achievements for finally everyone recognises your efforts.

You seem singled out for good fortune so make the most of a trend for things working out at least in your favour even if they don’t go to plan.

People begin to come around to your way of thinking and that’s because this is the right time to persuade them to your point of view. Get ready to impress.

Taking a leadership role brings praise for your efforts as long as you share ideas and seek out solutions instead of focusing only on problems.

Relationships are on the boil and invitations arrive to make you feel popular. A soothing time so don’t allow bossy individuals to rock your boat.

Your need for detachment can allow a better overview of the situation others are too caught up in to form proper insights. Trust your own judgement.