Your stars for the week 20th-27th February

Your stars for the week 20th-27th February

Aren’t you the lucky lamb? With dynamic duo Venus and Mars dancing into your sign along with Uranus, you can expect some sizzling if not exciting electric encounters.

People will have to get the spyware out if they want to know what you are getting up to in your hideaway. Night life sizzles or are you just you dreaming away again?

Teamwork brings brilliant rewards as well as a potential for romantic encounters that fire the imagination and leave you flying  back for more inspiration.

It’s time to put all those plans into action if you want to get ahead of others. Take the lead, sharpen those claws, let your talents shine to attract the recognition you deserve.

Keep on talking and dazzling all with your charismatic charm. The future suddenly looks Leo and a whole lot brighter as long as you roar at the challenge of change.

Relatives will be so grateful for your attention to the detail of their latest health or finance regime; but expect to wait a bit longer before they say thanks for your steady support.

The scales just tipped in favour of you having a truly memorable time as relationships suddenly get lively, leaving you wondering who is winding everyone up.

A truly sensuous if not sensational time for you, but don’t over indulge as health can soon take a turn for the worse leaving you wishing you had taken my advice!

I know you are a romantic at heart and with Spring hovering on the horizon it looks like a whole herd of admirers is hoofing around your stable door.

You could be attempting to find ways of working from home, living at work or just trying to make headway with a major property restoration project.

Should you stay or should you go? Whatever you decide to do it looks like some sort of journey, with a hint of passion involved, fires up your enthusiasm.

Don’t worry little fishes, times are tough for sure, but you can at least dream of how you would like it to be.Use your intuition to work out solutions to baffling problems.