Your stars 1st – 7th November 2014

Your stars 1st – 7th November 2014

Your stars for the week from Tricia


You are ready to fight the good fight to battle for your place in the pecking order, and put the world to rights. Take care in communication to avoid confusion.


If only the people we loved could love in the way we dictate. Tough times in relationships but a good time to reconsider anew who your real friends are.


Unusual events unsettle your plans and upset your social timetable. Travel is enjoyable especially if it’s to have fun with friends.


You are on the warpath it seems or at least coming to the boil where certain situations make you see red. Avoid reckless or impulsive behaviour.


Tensions connected to people you work with can be causing stress but are you trying to control events preventing co operation from others?


You try so hard to say the right thing but somehow fate conspires to make you suddenly get it wrong. Practise listening until this phase passes.


You are feeling restless and in need of change but should decide if it might be wiser to let puzzling events run their course to get a fuller picture.


Ironically love presents itself just when you decided to make your move for a promotion. Reconcile your need for romance with the need for more independence.


You seem to be keeping your plans secret but careless whispers or pillow talk could soon turn viral so take care who you share what with.


All that passion needs a target and hopefully you are on the campaign trail and not left wondering why everyone holds their head low when they see you coming.


Working in teams helps share the responsibility as well as the workload and if you are looking for love then work brings many opportunities to find it.


You could be taking another look at the family heirlooms and wondering which to sell off. Ensuring you are surrounded by beautiful things helps you feel good.

Lunar Lore

Celtic races considered November the beginning of the year while Anglo Saxons named it ‘Windmonath’ knowing Mercury moves into Scorpio heralding winds.