Your stars for the week 6th-13th June 2014

Your stars for the week 6th-13th June 2014


You may feel either exhausted or excited by the sudden roller coaster rides but ultimately you are on a journey to let go of things that hold you back.

You easily attract people who are supportive and kind. Make the most of a romantic trend to find out where love truly lies.

You’re such a smooth operator when it comes to persuading others to agree with your plans and point of view. Watch those little white lies don’t catch you out!

Young people around you are more challenging than usual. Is it time to keep some plans secret or perhaps change your approach to resolving difficulties?

Some arrangements for a getaway might begin to unravel. Expect to have to re draft or re negotiate and prepare for the unexpected.

Stay flexible for even though things don’t work the way you planned them, the twists and turns ultimately work out for the best.
If you are looking for a new initiative or hoping to create more independence then the Full Moon on 13th helps shine a light on the best way forward.
I’m not sure who you secretly scheme to tie up but I suspect your nest is full of little traps upset only by unexpected twists you never imagined possible.
The week ahead is challenging and you are either put on the spot or under the spotlight, either way expect the deeds of the past to catch up with you.
You have to decide whether it’s worth losing a friend to gain control or use diplomacy to smooth a dispute that could have long lasting effects if you don’t.
Take care of health and diet as you are overworking but not making much progress. At the moment leisure time isn’t very productive either but do take time out to relax.
Just when you thought things might jut for once be running smoothly Mercury goes retrograde and puts a spanner in the wheels. This too will pass.
Lunar Lore
The Full Moon 13th in Sagittarius prepares a spotlight for summer solstice Sun 21st,  in opposing Gemini, which provides a head for headless hunter Orion. 

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