Your stars from Tricia for the week 18th – 25th April

Your stars from Tricia for the week 18th – 25th April


Changes you have put into action take longer than expected to take effect. Patience brings its own rewards when you find that by Autumn things work out for the best.


Take extra care of health and well being to avoid being run down by constant challenges to your integrity and violations of your personal space and boundaries. Stronger times ahead.


You take pride in your talent for flexibility but need to summon all your powers of adaptability when challenges in the month ahead test your mettle.


Hopefully you are busy with the many opportunities on offer but are you allowing a past obsession to stand in the way of making the most of them?


A new position or post of responsibility comes your way so get ready to take centre stage and let your light shine brightly for everyone to see.


Unexpected events force you to seek better ways of dealing with conflict. Look again at how you protect yourself, your personal needs and interests.


New pathways present themselves but which one will you travel? It seems the universe is offering a new learning curve in how to make better decisions.


A good luck trend helps keep you motivated. Get ready for the powerful elements standing in the way to upset your plans and prepare to be more scheming.


You can relax a little and enjoy your newly established lifestyle leaving others to handle the dull boring tasks. Make the most of a pleasant interlude.


Take another look at long term investments to make sure you have been given trustworthy advice before making changes or taking on new commitments.


Someone opposes your ideas and may be out to take over your territory. Decide whether or not to stay and fight or move on to create a better future elsewhere.


Life should be a little more serene at this stage and you will feel more relaxed and inclined to self indulgence. You will be shopping for a few luxuries to spoil yourself with.

Lunar Lore

Did you know that Saturn’s Moon Enceladus, has an ocean as large as Lake Superior on its surface but it lies beneath a thick layer of ice?