Your stars for the week 17th – 24th June 2016

Your stars for the week 17th – 24th June 2016

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

You have needed to face up to some challenging events as well as redefine who you are and what you want for your future. Home comforts help you relax in the week ahead.

Gosh you are so indecisive and unsettled, but next week brings a few surprises to put your mind at rest and let you know you made the best choices after all.

Get ready to walk and talk your policies if you want to persuade others to support you in achieving your goals. Relatives may offer some financial advice or support.

The Full Moon 20th coinciding with solstice, makes you confront fears and phobias holding you back from making the most of your talents and opportunities.Be brave.

Balancing home and work is always a problem, while working from home or living at work seems the solution. A change is arriving to make you rethink your strategy.

Tensions affect your relationships generally and your behaviour may be out of character, surprising close friends. Find new ways of relaxing and take care when travelling.

A holiday abroad is keeping you busy with many changes of schedule and unexpected events. Late night entertainment leaves you tied up in knots………..

Keep conversations upbeat and positive to persuade others of the importance of what you have to say. Venus is about to help you see a brighter picture of the road ahead.

The Full Moon at solstice 20th, puts you in the spotlight so make sure of a big entrance for central on stage performance and give it all you’ve got.

A friend seems to need time out or special attention from you to help with a secret worry. Venus brings a potential lover your way so make sure you look your best.

Your income is running out of control making you work harder for smaller gains. Other appreciate your efforts and give praise and rewards in the week ahead.

Take it steady in love and at work as you seem to be tied up on so many levels. Travel carefully, avoid spurious get rich quick schemes, expect gains and losses.