Your stars for the week 13th – 20th

Your stars for the week 13th – 20th

Avoid being too dictatorial. Write down your experiences to map your needs then decide whether you will either burn or share them, but beware trends for arguments.

Dealings with authority figures will prove difficult and stressful.. Don’t ignore health niggles and keep up with a healthy diet towards the end of November.

Sharing with others brings powerful solutions to some problems. Cupid flies into the mix mid month making you see a funnier side of life to help you relax.

A city journey brings pleasure, don’t get alarmed if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, just go with the flow. It’s a time of secrets.

Later in November you will have more social time to spare so book a few concerts or outings and make sure the 25th takes you to a special event where you can shine.

Life takes on a bit of a whirl from now on, and this starts a whole new era of life getting much busier for some time to come.

It’s a time for facing up to demons and seeing them for the imaginary shadows you no longer need to pay attention to. Life gets much less fraught from now on.

Your latest conquest makes life seem better than ever. Avoid giving offence and choose your words carefully to keep everyone guessing.

A new social spin helps you look forward to the second half of the month when either a trip overseas or meeting foreigners keeps you high wired.

Solutions need seeking out not battle strategies. A short break is the best way to reward your efforts at self improvement and brings happiness.

Wise up mid month when actions speak louder than dreams and meanderings, get ready for campaigning or at least making a stand upon issues close to your heart.

A chance to work in partnership with some wins and some losses. Some gossip or scandal keeps tongues wagging. Be prepared to compromise.