Your stars for the week 12th – 19th

Your stars for the week 12th – 19th

Work should be a satisfying area of life with some influential people helping you achieve goals. A romantic encounter could also be keeping you motivated.

Good luck shines down on all you do and keep in touch with intuition as it will be strong in leading you further towards desired ends.

Good luck is on your side so stay confident of getting what you want, but also of you talents and ability to reach out to produce a good vibration that inspires all.

Some wonderfully smooth relationships help you feel fulfilled. Be assured that when a special magical magnetic attraction occurs it will be worth pursuing.

Try not to get too ambitious with domestic overhauls but make sure all electrical and mechanical appliances are properly serviced to avoid frustrating breakdowns.

Life beckons with new horizons and exciting people to share new journeys with. Take all opportunities with both hands to make the most of the moment.

Domestic comforts keep winter out and warmth in so curl up by the fireside with those you love to milk the comforts that surround you.

You are in competitive mode but be aware others cold feel a little in awe by your cutting edge. if you want a fight fine, but if you are out to impress then hide those claws.

Restraint doesn’t come easily to you but you are learning that in some situations it is better to withdraw and be cautious instead of overpoweringly extrovert.

Love is on your side and you do look good. Buy a new outfit, book a spa retreat and relax and enjoy all the good things coming your way.

It’s tie to be more communicative about your talents and achievements if you need others to be aware of how much you have to offer to any new enterprise.

Friends and associates gather around to help you feel needed and special. Do attempt to walk on the wild side a little when it comes to socialising with new cycles.