Your stars for the week 10th – 17th October

Your stars for the week 10th – 17th October

You seem to be on your best behaviour now and this is attracting some much needed support and co operation along with good luck trends.

Don’t despair and do stop frowning! Solutions to all life’s little problems are just around the corner. Insurance contracts need looking at again.

Love and luck are helping you make sense of a rather complicated romantic situation but could you be the one causing arguments just to get a reaction?

Changes on the home front keep you busy with either a removal or a much needed change of furnishings to create a more comforting surround.

Life should have brought a better domestic set up along with new friends and neighbours but could it now be time to sort out where your real desires lie?

Life love and the universe are easier to decode than the meaning of the upheavals upsetting the family status quo. Relax and take a break instead of adding to the stress.

It’s all systems go for you with life taking on an unorthodox if not irregular rhythm that leaves you spinning a reaction to fate’s fickle deal.

Currently you are behaving independently and your isolated position leaves you vulnerable to attack from those who see you as cold and calculating. Avoid arguments.

Really Sagittarius, your mission to become the leader of the pack may serve your personal purpose for ultimate control but could you slacken the reins a little?

Life brings an awareness of a long drawn out often exasperating climb up the ladder to gain success. Teamwork is stifling but ultimately rewarding.

Friends and associates are so dynamic and enterprising this helps to broaden your mind and interests. Go with the flow to benefit from the trend.

To sleep, to dream……to place a Hollywood feature on film….yes this could happen but what will you comfort yourself with if it doesn’t?

Lunar Lore
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, houses a rock carved spiral used by Hopi Indians to record lunar shadow positions that timed Moon phases and cycles. Isn’t ancient technology marvellous?