Smart switching for mature smokers

Smart switching for mature smokers

The popularity of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’ as it is known, has soared in recent years and not just amongst young tech-savvy individuals. Hailed as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, smokers of all ages are making the switch and enjoying the benefits.

To clear up any confusion surrounding e-cigarettes, let’s start with the basics. E-cigarettes are an electronic delivery device for vaporised nicotine laced liquid, available in a variety of flavours. They give users the ritualistic simulation of smoking a traditional cigarette, including delivering a similar throat hit. What they don’t do is produce any of the harmful second hand properties that are in tobacco.

The average tobacco cigarette contains around 600 ingredients, which when lit, rises to more than 3,000. In addition more than 70 of these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing).  E-cigarettes contain none of these chemicals, nor tar or carbon monoxide. When you consider this, and their significantly lower cost compared to traditional cigarettes, it becomes clear why smokers of all ages are embracing vaping .

One advocate for the mature vaper is 69 year old Liz, known online as Vapingpoint Liz, who has a YouTube channel called ‘Vaping for the over sixties’.

She says: “Vaping has been a miracle for me. I am turning 70 this year and was a lifetime smoker who was determined never to stop…I am now a surprised non smoker. I believe that vaping could replace smoking if it is not over regulated or turned into medical NRT. It truly is the most amazing technology for smokers to switch to an equally pleasing alternative.”

Another vaper who has benefited from making the switch is 89 year old Terry Walker who smoked nine cigarettes a day for 68 years prior to discovering e-cigarettes. In 2010 he was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

He says: “In 2012 I started using an e-cigarette and stopped using tobacco within a week. I found this quite easy despite being a hardened smoker, many of my friends have stopped smoking easily this way too. In my opinion e-cigarettes are the most effective nicotine replacement therapy to date.”

Since giving up tobacco in favour of e-cigarettes 18 months ago, GP tests revealed that Terry’s breathing has improved from 50% of normal to 80%.

Switching Safely

To get the best vaping experience possible it is better to do your homework and look for high quality brands that offer performance and reliability.

Top tips on getting started…

1. Do your research

Review sites, forums and YouTube are a great resource for a research prior to buying the model you like. Although disposables are fine as an entry level, they don’t offer a realistic alternative to smoking, you need to invest in a decent quality, rechargeable device.

2. Choose a device you are comfortable with

Most new users prefer something that looks like a cigarette, but some dive right in with the bigger models, the important thing is you get something you will to be happy using in front of people.

3. Make sure it is regulated

Ensure the products you are buying meet all safety regulations, if in doubt, ask the vendor – reputable vendors will know to which regulations they must abide to ensure UK and EU standards are met, and their products will have the necessary safety markers

4. Experiment

It may take a few gos to find the device or flavour/strength combination that is perfect for you as it’s a personal device. Once you find the right combination you’ll be unstoppable!

By Emma Logan, Co-Founder of UK e-cigarette brand JAC Vapour