Sitges – an underestimated alternative to Barcelona

Sitges – an underestimated alternative to Barcelona

If you have ever visited magnificent Barcelona in the beautiful region of Catalonia, you know of the pulse, the beauty, the stunning architecture and of course, the lovely inhabitants of the city. However, maybe you want the same range of options but a little more confined. Then it’s time to head southwest to Sitges. Deemed the slightly more rambunctious younger sibling of Barcelona it holds its own when it comes to offering visitors a spectacular stay. Sitges is a famous stranger to many people as it is world-renowned for its annual film festival as well as its sparkling carnival. Despite this, many travellers have yet to discover this paradise. Sitges is located between the Garraf Massif and the see and can boast with having over 17 breathtakingly beautiful beaches, fabulous nightspots and interesting historical sites. By choosing to stay at a hotel in Sitges on the beach it is possible to experience all of the above first-hand. There are over 4000 hotels to choose from and many of them have four stars, offering their guest an all-inclusive stay, catering to every need. Known as “Ibiza in miniature”, Sitges promises a once-in-a lifetime experience and there really is no reason to put of your travels any longer.

Almost too much to choose from

Sitges is home to an array of different nationalities as well as the Catalonians themselves. This makes for an interesting mix, each bringing something to the party. The city also has a rich history depicting everything from early roman settlers to modern day wine production. Although having dwindled some since the 1960’s, it is still worth sampling the local production, not to mention the fact that taking a stroll through the city centre brings you right back to the beginning of time itself. Between the wine and the historical artefacts there is also an extensive cultural heritage. Celebrating the carnival is one of the most joyous occasions during the year and the streets come alive with laughter, dance and festivities. Needless to say that the months of February and March are a spectacle worth experiencing for yourself. The folk dances and the scrumptious local dish of xatonades are a must during carnival, let’s not also forget the more than 40 floats and thousands of participants. If carnival is not your cup of tea, then the film festival might be more up your alley. Or perhaps sports are more to your liking? Then the longstanding history of motor racing might be just what gets your engine revving. There is literally something for everyone.

There is no reason to wait

Carnival, motor racing, historical artefacts, beaches for miles, film festival and not to forget, the incredible local cuisine such as for instance the dish of Xató, first created around 1896 containing endive salad, cod, tuna, anchovies, aubergine and black olives. The main attraction of the dish though is as in most cases the sauce, made with scalded chillies, toasted almonds, garlic, olive oil, salt, vinegar and hot peppers. Together it packs quite a punch. In conclusion, the city of Sitges packs quite a punch and it’s waiting for your visit.